Even if you feel great and on top of the world now, nobody can predict what the future holds. Unemployment and long-term sickness can affect anyone. For that reason alone, you should seriously consider protecting your payments. The amount it will cost is nothing for complete peace of mind, for you and your family.

Self-employed customers are not offered all the benefits. For example, redundancy cover is clearly not relevant, but many banks will offer such things as hospitalization cover. Ask for details. An important point is that all policies offered by our lenders allow for both applicants to be covered, so bear this in mind if making a joint application and if you are both employed.

We are committed to giving you the personal attention you deserve when buying your home. We specialize in VA, Conv. and Rural Development home loans, with other options also available. Our goal is to make sure you receive the proper home loan for your personal situation. At CP Home Loans, we are Your Home Loan Professionals.

CP Home Loans is an independent marketing company that specializes in putting people in touch with companies that can help them. All information you supply to this site will be passed to  Finance who will contact you.

We have been arranging loans for people with a less than perfect credit score for over 11 years. They have experience of secured loans, unsecured loans and credit repair.

We have access to a full range of mortgage sources and all of our lending specialists are dedicated to finding the right loan – with the best rates, best terms and best service – to meet our clients’ unique needs.
But that’s just the beginning of our service. Throughout the lending process, we provide regular loan updates and progress reports so clients always know the status of their loans. We also offer debt consolidation and rural development loans.

It’s our pleasure to offer our exceptional mortgage services online.You not only have access to the best loans available in the marketplace with PC Home Loans, but you can review loan alternatives, and even apply for your loan online 24 hours a day.

Contact us today to find out why we have been voted the #1 mortgage company for 15 consecutive years. We offer the best rates, terms and services in our area. We also have been authorized to approve VA loans in-house, which means a smoother, faster closing on your new home.

We look forward to putting our mortgage service to work for you!