Payday Was the Quickest and the Best Solution

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September 23, 2017
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I am a very successful businessman and I have had my own company for the last six years. The company is small, but a lucrative one and I am glad that I can say I have very satisfied employees who are very loyal and hardworking. However, there comes a moment when even a successful man finds himself lacking certain amount of money. And I will now tell you my story.

Last year, the company was working just fine and everyone was satisfied as usual. However, since we work with a large number of other companies and we usually sell them certain products and services, it happened once that an otherwise very trustworthy customer failed us and the company was suddenly in debt. In fact, the customer company took a certain amount of product for us and was to pay for it the next month. However, the next month came and I, of course, counted on that money for settling some of the company’s bills. Now, what was I to do? I had already spent a significant amount of my salary and could not pay for the bill out of my own pocket. The bill was not too large, it was about £1,000, but it was a debt to another company that provided us with their own services and that was now threatening to stop cooperating with us.

I was aware of the danger, and I completely understood their attitude since I was about to do the same with the company that failed me. So, I started thinking about the easiest way to find some money. I came up with the idea of taking a payday loan since I would be able to pay it back with my next paycheck, but the company I was indebted to could not wait for so long. Of course, they needed money just as I did. However, I could not claim money from the company that was indebted to me since I found out that they were about to go bankrupt. Thus, payday loan seemed like the most convenient solution.

I found a lending company that offered quite favorable terms and I applied for a £1,000 loan. I got the money the same afternoon and I immediately settled the debt to the company. They were satisfied and I did not lose the opportunity to continue using their services. However, I stopped cooperating with the company that failed me and it was a good decision since they soon went bankrupt.

All in all, payday loan was really the best solution for my situation. The amount of money that I needed was too small for a regular loan and too large for my current state of affairs, and payday was just the right loan to immediately get me out of trouble. Of course, I paid it back with the next paycheck and everything was settled. I can only recommend this type of loan to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.